Upper Big Horn River
Your Big Horn River adventure starts at the After bay fishing access and continues down stream to the Big Horn access. Which consists of a 13 mile float trip for non-motorized water craft. You will fish from a drift boat and are limited to artificial flies and lures only in this upper section of the Big Horn River.

For the fly fisherman, fly rods of 5/6 weight floating lines or medium to light weight spinning rods with six pound test lines are the best.

Middle Big Horn River
Your middle river adventure starts at Big Horn River access and continues down to the Big Horn Mallard access. This section of the river consists of 11 miles and motorized water craft can be used. Live bait can be utilized in this section of river. Fishing pressure is at a minimum most times of the year. Larger fish are more often caught in this section.

Lower Big Horn River
Your lower river adventure begins at Mallard river access and continues down for 11 miles to Two Leggins Outfitters private Trappers Landing Boat Ramp. This section of the river is the best and most overlooked section of the Big Horn river. Many trophy Rainbow and German Brown trout have been caught in this section of the river. Two Leggins Outfitters utilize this section most often for trophy trout. This section provides more seclusion for the angler than the upper or middle river sections.


Unlike many of the other rivers in Big Sky country and other areas of the Midwest, the Big Horn River fly fishing is available all year round. That means that anglers who can brave the cold and snow can still catch large fish even in the dead of winter.

As is always the case for vacation spots, the summer months on the Bighorn River are considered the busy season. From July through September, the Bighorn River sees its heaviest use. During these months it is entirely common to see not just one or two, but dozens of fishing rafts floating the river, and a mass of fishermen wading and lining the riverbanks.

It's a little known fact that Big Horn River fishing and Big Horn River flyfishing proves to be successful for both floaters and waders alike and offers a substantial return on the fishing investment all year round. However, it's the common consensus that floating the Bighorn River offers a more competitive edge and the convenience of moving easily from one prime location to another while easily covering the entire river, including the deeper waters.

One of the most popular choices for visiting a Bighorn River extends beyond the fishing regions and reaches into the depths of the hunting world. Along the Bighorn, there is a mass of premier big game hunting and excellent fowl hunting all year round. In short, every hunter, during every season, will find his or her fair share of game that’s ripe for the picking.

Some of the most common kills along the banks of the Bighorn River include large mule deer, antelope, as well as white tail deer. If fowl is more your game of choice, you'll find lots of sharp tail grouse, pheasant, and even wild turkey all nested in the grasses along the banks.

Hunting enthusiasts that find themselves on the banks of the Bighorn River will find that they’ve stumbled one of the premier hunting spots, this is especially true for those who partake of the land offered by Two Leggins Outfitters. Two Leggins Outfitters have secured land ranging over 100,000 acres and offers hunters private property for trophy hunting of large game, as well as upland birds and water fowl.

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